Why Outbound Marketing is Driving Customers Away

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I recently heard a friend explain the power of inbound marketing with a strong analogy.

It went like this...

Imagine yourself at a party with several friends, colleagues and business acquaintances. You see someone you know. Let’s call him Gary. I apologize in advance if your name is Gary.

You both recognize each other, and after saying, “Hello,” Gary asks you for a dollar.

You think, “No big deal. I can spare a dollar.”

Without a second thought, you give Gary a dollar. After all, you know him fairly well, and it doesn’t seem like a large request.

A week later you run into Gary at another function, and he asks you for a dollar a second time.

This time you give Gary another dollar, but a little more reluctantly. It’s still not a big favor to ask, but it’s been two consecutive withdrawals, monetarily and emotionally.

The latter is actually the bigger factor, as we’ll soon learn.

Now imagine this pattern continued every time you ran into Gary. Without fail, wherever you might be, if Gary sees you, he always asks for a dollar.

After a while, you’d start to get tired of running into Gary, and you’d likely even start to dodge him. It’s only a dollar, but Gary is always asking for something, every time you see him.

As you can see, these small withdrawals have taken a toll on your relationship with Gary.

Now picture running into another friend. We’ll call him Steve.

Every time you see Steve, he gives you a dollar.

It’s just a dollar, no big deal, right?

But this pattern continues with Steve. You’re at your favorite coffee shop getting some work done, Steve walks over to your table and he offers you yet another dollar.

The next week, you’re sitting with your family at a baseball game, Steve recognized you from across the bleachers and he stopped by to offer you a dollar. Before long, you’re at a party, someone mentions Steve is there and you start scanning the room for him, trying to peer through the crowd to spot him.

Notice how your attraction to Steve grows, while your avoidance of Gary is getting stronger?

This is how your customers feel when they utilize the power of attraction that inbound marketing offers.

Outbound marketing projects its agenda first. It shouts a message, whether the audience wants to hear it or not. It is continually asking you to buy.

Inbound marketing doesn’t lead with “the ask.” It leads with giving.

Inbound marketing offers value first, without asking for anything immediately in return.

By using inbound marketing, much like Steve, you will draw people in. You will show them upfront that they can expect value from you.

Those in need of your help will seek you out, as it becomes an almost conditioned response to your continual, small offerings of value.

Start giving away dollars today, and watch as people are drawn to you and your message.


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