What are you afraid of?

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The other day I heard a depressing view point.

“Why should I blog? The internet is so crowded. Does it really need another blog post about a bakery?”

Honestly, no. But your bakery doesn’t exist for approval or permission from the internet! It exists for your customers! I believe this is a common misconception we have as business owners. The vastness of the world wide web scares the bejesus out of us.

The internet can seem to be too busy with too much going on. Trying to compete with all that noise can seem like a scary endeavor.

Having this fear does make sense. I always imagine the internet as an enormous ocean and the idea of taking my little row boat out into the world is certainly terrifying.

But that view is erroneous.

Instead of imagining an ocean - think of a pond.

If you own a local bakery, almost all your customers are local. Not global.

If you keep your local audience in mind, writing that blog post is not so daunting. You do not have to create content that will cut through the noise of the entire internet. You simply need to create something to engage your local customers who want to hear from you and learn about your bread!

Starting a blog and keeping it fresh and consistent can be a daunting task. Perhaps this article can give you the courage you need.

Find your voice, don’t be afraid

If you can move past the fear of posting information out onto the web, you’ll find doing so consistently to be liberating.

Let the world hear you!

The best way to engage with your customers is to do so with honesty and your own words.

Don’t forget people do business with those who they know, like and trust. By writing in your own voice, you can help your customers know you, like you and trust you more.

Finding your voice does more than help you write engaging content. It also helps establish your business’s persona. In this case - you!

Use your content and web presence to help your customers learn about your business, but most importantly - help them learn about you.

Tell Your Own Story

Once you have overcome the fear and have found your voice, you’ll have the outlet to share your knowledge and passion. Being a business that blogs allows you to truly own your story. Afterall, storytelling is the heart of business sales. And what is your business without sales?

Another wonderful part of blogging is that you can share you story multiple times. You can find new angles to approach your story. If things change and your story adapts (as they often do), you can reshape and retell your story in a new way.

A movie I loved as a child was The Never Ending Story. Aside from the title, it isn’t that useful of tool for discussing how important blogging and content are to your business. Just like the title of this beloved children's film, your story is never ending and, therefore, it is a constant source of valuable content for your customers.

Get Social

Finally, comes the part about blogging that many people forget. It gives you substance for your social media marketing.

Why post to Facebook with borrowed content or articles from other pages or media outlets? Using your own blog posts and repurposing your content will be much more effective.

Sharing your blog posts on multiple social media platforms is an easy way to reuse your content. You can also take specific sections of your posts and repackage them with a graphic. You can even use the ideas discussed in a post to create a short, informative video.

In the end, the beauty of blogging is that it creates a deep well from which you can draw on, consistently letting you share your voice and tell your story.

Whether you are writing new posts or using old content in fresh new ways, content marketing is a great way to keep the conversation going with your customers.

So what are you afraid of?