How a Small Business Owner Got Lost in a DIY Website Builder

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“It was like walking through a maze...with a blindfold on!”

This was the vivid description I heard over coffee recently from local Colorado Springs photographer, Gene Gustafson.

The frustration Gene had experienced was real. The hours he spent are gone.

While trying to build his portfolio website for his photography business, he just couldn’t get things to display the way he wanted to properly display his work at Prestige Photography by Gene.

You don’t successfully shoot architectural photography in Chicago for several years without an eye for detail. This is where is where Gene’s WIX website became frustrating and took more of his valuable time than he originally anticipated.

Many of the DIY website building tools just don’t let you have the access to the detailed level that you need to have in order to get the results you want, as Gene explained.

“Things just wouldn’t display the way I wanted them to,” Gene told me.

Gene eventually scrapped his plans to build his WIX website and started over with an alternative platform.

Not only did he find it difficult to get the results he wanted, Gene found himself spending an hour or more trying to make a simple change on his website before getting subpar results.

Small business owners like you...don’t have this sort of time to waste.

You need to be busy working on your business, not in your business, for it grow and thrive.

If you want more great reading on this subject, by the way, check out The E-Myth by Michael E. Gerber. You can get it on Amazon here or check out a 5 minute video overview here.

Your brainpower should be spent each week building the strategies and forging the relationships that will help your business grow, not messing with an HTML editor.

Every hour you spend fighting with templates and trying to learn the DIY website tool of your choosing, is time you’re missing from accomplishing the core tasks that will really build your business.

Hearing Gene’s first-hand experience was such a fresh reminder that while the DIY website tools have made web design more accessible for many business owners, the time investment can still be a losing proposition as you try to achieve success online.

Even if you master your platform of choice and enjoy a better experience than Gene’s account, is that the best use of your time as the business owner?

Ultimately, with every decision regarding your time as a business owner, you have to ask whether the time invested is worth the return.

You can find new customers when you lose that elusive prospect.

You can course-correct after that failed marketing initiative.

But, you can’t get back your time.

You have to ask yourself with each commitment of your time: Is the juice worth the squeeze?

If you find yourself spending too much time on your website, drop us a line. We’re here to help and won’t dive into a long-winded sales pitch.

If you find yourself spending too much time working in other parts of your business, check out these two handy resources:

Toggl - a time tracking app that, as they say, “is so simple that you’ll actually use it.”

Productivity Hacks: Free Up Your Time & Live Better - Udemy course from Joel Widmer learned of the usefulness of the Toggl app for finding out where my time was going.

Keep precious hours from slipping away from your week, by taking control of your time with some methodical steps like these.

Whether you find things you need to delegate, outsource or automate, you’ll find the juice to be worth the squeeze.

We promise.