3 Ways Content Marketing Gives You Broader Reach

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Here at Mad Crane Marketing our tagline is “Tell Your Own Story”. Content marketing is essentially storytelling. If you have spent time honing your message and tailoring the way you present it, odds are that you are repeating many of the same key points about your organization dozens and dozens of times every week. If you are an entrepreneur, sales professional, PR pro or marketing executive, you’re constantly telling (and retelling) your organization's story.

Sometimes, you may sound like a broken record to yourself.

This is one of the challenges as you attempt to effectively and efficiently tell your own story. Because storytelling is so crucial in business to business sales cycles or not-for-profit major gifts many organization realize the need to properly craft their story for their face to face interactions. This effort in combination with the internet allows organizations to deploy a content marketing strategy to give their stories much more reach. Here are 3 ways content marketing gives you a broader reach.

1. Tell Your Story to More People at Once

At times, nothing beats one-on-one communication, especially when you are connecting with the right individual that can really benefit from your product, service or partnership. These conversations can be invaluable.

However, if you’ve ever felt like me, you’ve probably left a really good meeting (one where you felt you really conveyed the value that you offer) thinking, “I wish I could package that conversation up and share it with about a hundred other people at once.”

This is the power that content marketing let’s you wield.

You can take the knowledge, expertise and ability to communicate your story effectively and you can broadcast it. You take that one-on-one conversation, and you transform it into something that hundreds (or even thousands) of people can consume at once.

Much like a public speaking engagement, digital content marketing lets you reach a larger audience with a single conversation or presentation. Whether it is a blog post, podcast, video, white paper, case study or e-book, you are able to share what you have to say on a one-to-many platform instead of being limited to just that one-to-one conversation.

2. Reach People via Their Medium of Choice

Your target audience has more choices than ever in the media they consume, whether for education or entertainment.

Some prefer an engaging video (in fact, many stats point to this an an underutilized form of content marketing, given our overall natural preference for video). Others are continuous book worms that prefer to read an informative blog post. Others still, find themselves enjoying the convenience of listening to the information they care about via a podcast while they drive, workout at the gym or do the dishes.

At the same time, everyone has their preferred social media platforms. Some are on Facebook hourly, while others are active on LinkedIn with much more regularity. Others prefer Twitter or Instagram.

Further still, your audience has strong individual preferences on their communication platforms (and different preferences depending on the content or circumstance). They text. They e-mail. They FaceTime. They use Skype, Google Hangouts or Duo. They attend meetings via WebEx, GoToMeeting or any other of the dozens of platforms out there.

The list of ways in which people are receiving information, communicating and interacting is almost mind numbing, at times.

However, if you can identify the preferred channels for your target audience, content marketing gives you the ability to reach them all with the same message on multiple platforms at the same time--or the time that works for them, which is probably even more important.

3. Your Message Gets a Longer Shelf Life

When you leave a meeting, a presentation or even a public speaking engagement, your message lasts only as long as the memory of those who heard you speak.

On the other hand, when you take your great presentation, conversation or pitch and put it into some form of digital content, it can live on forever. More importantly, it can reach those that you may never have reached with a thousand phone calls, emails or invitations to your next speaking engagement.

It is sitting there online, waiting to be found when someone is searching for the exact information you relayed, at their exact time of need. The modern conveniences of watching all of our television and movies via DVR or On-Demand have trained us to expect to be able to find what we want when we are ready for it.

Telling your story with digital content marketing allows you to deliver your message in a way that fits with this modern lifestyle, and saves you quite a few breaths.