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Web Services

Responsive Websites


Your site will be served through a Content Delivery Network instead of a single server. That means much lower latency, much faster downloads and a near 100% uptime. If one of our servers goes down, another server takes over instantaneously.


Your site has no movable parts, no database to connect to or scripts that need to be executed and there is no way to inject malware. Malware, outdated scripts, denial of service attacks are of the past.


No need to optimize your website for faster database queries or faster downloads. When the website is build, it is build. Changes in the Template and the Content will automatically trigger a new build. The entire process takes no more then 20 seconds.

Cost Effective

It is cheaper to build, to maintain and to scale if needed. It all happens automatically. No need to procure more bandwidth or larger hosting service than you need, and no need to cover for occasional traffic spikes. If not money, it will save you a lot of headaches.

Web Services

Responsive E-commerce Websites

Multi Platform

For use on desktops, tablets and smarthphone

Fast & Secure

Very secure solution with best industry practices and inline with PCI compliance

Quick & Easy Process

Large selection of payment and shipment methods integrated into standard shopping cart application

Enterprise Grade Features

Equipped with many out of the box enterprise grade features at no cost

Inbound Marketing

Content & Blogging

Content is King. Creating unique relevant content helps your business and website to become a local thought leader in your industry. Use consistent blog posts and other new forms of content such as infographics and video to re-energize your customers and create a website they want to return to and learn more information. Focus on creating a website that draws returning visitors instead of a website that is simply a megaphone for your address and phone number. Engage your users with the information they are searching for and establish credibility by giving them more than they initially were looking for.

Social Media

Get social! Adding a social element to your content adds additional benefit. Not only does it provide linking benefits but it also expands your digital presence beyond your web site. By allowing other people to share and engage in your content outside your website you gain a larger audience. Being social also allows you to engage with your users in a different setting and from a different perspective giving you and your customers a better relationship.

SEO & Analytics

Dig into your data and optimize your site. By using new relevant content we can work to optimize your on-page SEO through localized, long tail keywords and incorporating all the tags, titles and meta data Google uses to catalog your website. When we dig into your analytics we can learn from your users’ online behavior, where they come from and why. A deeper understanding of this data grants us a clear vision of your digital presence and allows us to glean questions and surmise answers that will help us improve your website and user experience.

Email Marketing

Reconnect with your customers and prospects with targeted relevant information. By using the above concepts to grow your web traffic we can also reconnect with users on a segmented and individualised level. Sending one giant monthly newsletter to your entire list is not effective and in some cases can be off putting. But using your data from social media, web traffic and blog engagement allows us to help you speak to your customers correctly with information they care about.

Branding & Advertising


By definition branding is the practice of implementing a name, logo or design that differentiates and identifies a product or service. Mad Crane Marketing believes in taking that a step further; we believe branding is about building a culture around your business. We’ll work with you on developing a branding strategy that fits your ideals and culture.

Digital Advertising

While Mad Crane Marketing believes in implementing Inbound Marketing techniques we do see the value in Outbound Marketing as well. We can help you with Search, Social and Display PPC ads on platforms like Google, Facebook and Youtube.

Traditional Advertising

While the world is rapidly turning digital, traditional ads like Print, Radio and Television still have their place in any Outbound Marketing strategy. Mad Crane Marketing can help your business find the right traditional methods for your target customer and budget.

Our Mission

Influence others to pursue social responsibility through community education and by providing the best service.


Here at Mad Crane Marketing we believe that business has a new role in the 21st century. We should be about more than making a buck. Business should give back to the local community and society at large. It is our opinion that by focusing on greater issues than Marketing, Branding and Web Development we can achieve a higher result. Our own unique focus is helping our local Outdoor Recreation, Environmental Stewardship and Humanitarian communities in the Colorado Springs and broader Pikes Peak region be as successful as possible. We cannot deny we live in a new era – a digital era. In fact, statistically, we spend more time in front of a screen than we do face to face with people or outside in the expanse of our Front Range and greater Colorado playground. This modern technology stack has opened up so many doors and increased our ability to learn, connect and experience the world; however, it has also taken humanity out of our local communities and family units and encased us in a digital shield. We believe that Mad Crane Marketing can both use inbound marketing, social media and amazing web design to not only improve the businesses in Colorado Springs but also improve the quality of life of the citizens of the Pikes Peak region and beyond.


Because we feel strongly in our convictions that business can both support clientele and community we feel it is our duty to speak out and “tell our own story”. Mad Crane Marketing believes that besides influencing other businesses and individuals to be socially conscious we can also be a place where our community can learn more about Social Responsibility and Conscious Capitalism. We are thrilled to be a part of this growing segment of the business world and are proud to be a part of the Colorado Coalition for Social Impact.


Mad Crane Marketing also strives to be the best inbound marketing and web design agency in the Colorado Springs area. We believe that by working with our clients’ long term business strategy, budget and targeted objectives our customized service packages truly enhance the businesses we work with. We seek to help our customers tell their own story and empower them to take their online credibility to the next level.

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